Votebeat‘s Jessica Huseman wrote about our new poll of swing-state Republicans and conservative-leaning independents:

Trump’s claims about mail voting, and elections in general, continue to undermine confidence in elections among his supporters, and the leadership of the Republican Party is clearly worried about a similar outcome (even if many of their candidates haven’t made the same realization). A recent poll from the Secure Elections Project found that roughly two-thirds of Republicans in Georgia, Arizona, and Wisconsin say they believe the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump, which is consistent with the national average for Republicans and conservatives.

“I worry as both someone who is concerned about our country but also as a Republican” about Trump’s false claims, Trey Greyson, the co-chair of the advisory board for Secure Elections Project, told me. “After all, why take the time to vote if it’s rigged?”

Greyson points out more practical concerns about setting up voters to be disenfranchised. “What if too many GOP voters were to listen to Trump and ignore voting by mail, if that were an option, and something unexpected — weather, illness, traffic delays, work — were to pop up on Election Day?” he said. “I’m reminded of the potential big snowstorm in the GOP areas of Nevada that was forecast for Election Day in 2022.”

The only real whiff of good news the Secure Elections poll found was that most of the swing state Republicans who responded trust their own elections: They’re happy with the election processes in their states and have confidence in their own election administrators. Most believed their own vote counted.

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