Voting Changes Should be Lawmakers’ Priority:

We’re deep in the off season for Indiana legislators. Lawmakers won’t return to Indianapolis for months. As state legislators set their goals and priorities for the next session, automated verification and registration of votes should be at the top of their lists. It’s the perfect policy to begin a legislative session: It addresses a critical issue, it’s an easy policy to implement, it demonstrates responsibility and it’s bipartisan.

Without secure voter rolls, other security improvements are only half measures. Automated verification and registration ensures voter rolls are up to date, accurate and reliable, helping to prevent both foreign interference and voter fraud.

It requires a one-time capital investment, then saves money. It’s a one-time fix that improves services without costing taxpayers more money.

Republicans and Democrats in 20 states have already adopted automated verification and registration. Indiana should, too. Our lawmakers need to make it their top priority.