Lee Rasch, writing in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, cited our recent poll showing that Republican and conservative-leaning voters in the state have confidence in election officials to freely and fairly administer elections. He writes:

As the November 2024 election draws near, we see and hear more and more news and social media warnings of dire consequences. The predicted outcomes vary depending upon the messenger’s political preferences. As a battleground state in this presidential election, Wisconsin is squarely in the center of this media cacophony. And without question, this will be an important election. Some of the conditions surrounding the presidential race are absolutely without precedent. But there are other elements that should also be considered.

For example, a March 2024 Secure Elections Project (SEP) targeted poll of Wisconsin Republicans and Conservative-leaning Independents found that 62 percent of these voters say they believe the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump. The results are similar to the most recent Marquette poll on the subject.

However, the SEP poll also found that most conservative Wisconsinites (63%) believe the state’s electoral process is working properly. Furthermore, 76% of the respondents agree with the statement “my vote counts,” suggesting that — while they may agree with broader national political narratives about the 2020 election — they are satisfied with how elections are administered locally.

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