The task of securing American elections and ensuring that each vote is counted fairly, accurately, and in strict accordance with the law has never been more difficult. As state legislatures across the country address how to reform their states’ election systems, they will need to balance the need for security and integrity to make every election trustworthy against the imperative of voting access for all eligible voters.

This report outlines 20 policies and reforms state legislatures and election administrators should consider to ensure their election systems are secure from interference, fraud, tampering, error, and misinformation. Each is designed to build and restore public trust and confidence in the electoral system. The proposals cover the entire election cycle: voter registration and information management; voter access and ballot integrity; canvassing, counting, and reporting; and best practices.

Each of these proposals alone can help restore trust in the electoral process. They are more effective when combined. But even all of them together may not be sufficient. Completely restoring trust in the electoral system will require cooperation at every level of government, as well as leadership in the political arena from those who hold public trust over the electoral process.

Read the full report here: Policy Proposals to Restore Faith and Trust in the U.S. Election System